About the Volunteer Program

Passing a waterfall on the Rio Pini Pini

Heading down river on the Rio Piñi Piñi

ACA and ACCA are creative, hard-working, high-energy conservation groups and we welcome volunteers with the same qualities. Our volunteer positions are highly competitive and typically won by candidates with specialized skills, relevant experience, good language skills, a significant time commitment, and independent funding. Opportunities vary between our different sites and change frequently, so please read the project descriptions carefully. We do not currently consider applications for volunteer positions other than those described on this page.

Prices of Participation

2014 Prices

<1 month*

1-2 months

>2 months

Dorm with shared bathroom




Double room with shared bathroom




All prices above are per night and include 3 meals a day plus unlimited snacks, tea, and coffee at our snacks table. An 18% IGV tax will be added to the final bill. For other lodging options and pricing, please contact our reservation’s office at reservas@conservacionamazonica.org.

*In order to maximize the value and impact of the volunteer experience, we currently require a minimum month commitment in order to participate, although exceptions can be made under special circumstances (family emergency, limited time or finances, etc.). A two month minimum commitment is required for volunteers at Wayqecha.

Volunteer Requirements*

Volunteers are required to work 6 hour days at least 5 days a week (30 hours/wk) and must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • In good physical condition
  • Able to commit at least one month on site (two months for Wayqecha)
  • Basic proficiency in Spanish preferred (required for the community outreach and sustainable agriculture projects at Villa Carmen)
  • Experience in foreign travel preferred
  • Willing to comply with the Visitors’ Code of Conduct

*Please note that some of our volunteer projects have special requirements not listed above. For a complete list of requirements for each volunteer opportunity, please refer to the project descriptions provided here.

How to Apply

To apply for any of the volunteer positions below, please send a CV and a completed application in English (.doc) or Spanish (.doc) to volunteer@amazonconservation.org. Please specify in the subject line both the description (e.g., biological monitoring, sustainable agriculture, etc.) and location (e.g., Los Amigos, Wayqecha, Villa Carmen) of the opportunity you wish to apply to.


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